Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Week By WeekYour Pregnancy MD: The First Trimester

Early pregnancy symptoms week by week vary with every woman. Many women just have that feeling at the exact time of conception that they will be experiencing pregnancy symptoms week by week very soon. Some mothers-to-be have no symptoms at all during their first trimester while others experience many different pregnancy symptoms. Week by week as their baby develops they feel different changes occurring in their body..

The most obvious of pregnancy symptoms week by week is the change or sudden discontinuation in menstrual cycles, tenderness of the breasts and fatigue. Shortly after this, pregnancy symptoms week by week transition to backaches, headaches and morning sickness, that most pregnant women can assure you is not exclusive to morning hours. These are all symptoms that are usually present in the first six weeks and then pregnancy symptoms week by week take a little bit of a change.

Around the seventh week, pregnancy symptoms week by week appear in the form of frequent urination and strong cravings for unusual foods. During this time, in addition to physical changes, mental changes will also begin to be included in your pregnancy symptoms week by week and you may just begin to “feel” like a mother.

Then, there are also women that are never affected by any pregnancy symptoms week by week but they just have that feeling, or woman's intuition as some call it, that they are certain they are pregnant. It is important that if you think there is a chance that you may be expecting, that you consult a doctor immediately so that you can begin proper prenatal care. Making sure that your baby is healthy and taking care of yourself are the primary things you need to always keep in your mind when you start having pregnancy symptoms week by week.

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